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Yuna CWA

The Yuna Branch of the Country Women’s Association was founded on the 19th. September, 1932, and the early meetings of the Branch were held on the verandah of Mrs. Crumps home.
Mrs. E. Brede, was the foundation President, Mrs. K. Binks Secretary, and Mrs. I. Donald Treasurer. There were 12 Foundation members of the Branch.
The ultimate aim of the members was to work towards owning their own Rest Room and they slowly built up funds for this, holding Balls, Dances, Bridge Parties, Miscellaneous Raffles, as well as the usual catering. These early years were very difficult times, many families being split by the call of duty to the services, and the economy was at an all time low. Members were hesitant to make any hasty decisions with regard to building a Rest Room. Various opportunities came their way, but members thought them through carefully. In May 1936 Mr. Kent who owned the local garage decided to leave the district and he offered his garage and block of land to the C.W.A. for 85.0.0. He required 50.0.0 in cash and the rest on terms which suited the Yuna Branch. By the time the necessary loan was finalised from Head Office, a kind Yuna gentleman had gifted the Branch the extra 35.0.0 that was required, and the building and land was bought outright.
The same building is used by the Branch today. Naturally many improvements have been made over the years.
Meeting days have changed over the years, but Tuesday is the day that seems to have been most popular over the last 70 years.
Yuna held its first Exhibition in 1937. Later it became the ‘Yuna C.W.A. Fete” and was a great Social Event on the Calendar. Sadly in 1992 due to lack of support the last Fete was held. Fifty Five Years for the ‘Yuna C.W.A. Fete’ was a wonderful achievement. In its place members have held days centered mainly around craft
activities and demonstrations.
Over the years Yuna Branch has been very active preparing motions for firstly Divisional meetings, and from there, taking them further to State Conference. A very early motion that they had success with was “That the Minister for Education be asked to put dual desks in all Country Schools”.
Membership of the Yuna Branch has always been quite strong. For the last few years it has been in excess of 22. The membership between 1942 and 1962 was very large. The highest membership being in 1951 with a membership of 52. Many Yuna members have contributed to the running of the Division and have taken office willingly.
We have been very active within our community, making many contributions over the years. Whether it be by providing entertainment and catering at ‘Bistro’s in our Hall, or by providing craft lessons to the school children, catering at clearing sales, or assistance to less fortunate families. Members have always been willing to take up a new challenge or idea.
As we reflect back over the years we are proud to be members of the Country Women’s Association. We are proud of what we achieve as a State, proud of our contribution to the community, and proud of the name we built up for ourselves over the years.

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