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Day Trips

 A day in the Valley

All day trips have been planned to commence and conclude at the roundabout located at the intersection of the North West Coastal Highway and Chapman Valley Road


                Eagle Vale Olives                                                 The Coffee Pot

Day Trip 1 (99 km) - Brown

A minimum of half a day should be allowed to complete this trip. This popular day trip showcases some of the best scenery in the Mid West from the undulation of the valley slopes to striking colours of the breakaway hills and unique flat mesa tops of the Moresby Ranges, through to the wind swept coastal dunes. In taking this route you will not only be exposed to the beauty of our Valley, but will also be impressed with the many places and points of interest. Discover the rich history of the early settlements, the Nanson Museum is open Wednesday mornings [and every third Sunday during certain times of the year], stop for morning, afternoon tea or lunch. The Chapman River also provides some breathtaking picnic spots. Try the Fig Tree Crossing Picnic Area.


Points of Interest Places to Stop
Coffee Pot Cottage Mills Lookout
Moresby Range Yetna Tree Farm
Fig Tree Crossing Picnic Area Lavender Farm
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church and Convent Nanson Townsite
Nabawa Public Cemetery Chapman Valley Museum (Nanson)
Fossil Hill (opposite the Shire Office) Valley Tavern (Nabawa)
Blackman's Rock Coronation Beach
  Drummond Cove Holiday Park


                     Yuna Bins 1950s                              Chapman Valley from Mills Lookout


Day Trip 2 (215 km) Yellow

It is suggested the best part of a day should be allowed to complete this trip with July and October being the best months.

The trip focuses on considerable variation in scenery. It commences with a leisurely drive through the middle of Chapman Valley to appreciate the unique landforms of the Moresby Ranges and experience the history and many attractions on offer, before gradually climbing the Victoria Plateau via the vacant townsite of Naraling, to arrive at the small farming town of Yuna. The Plateau, being an ancient landscape feature formed some 50 million years ago, has been extensively cleared and successfully farmed for cereal crops over the past century. Yuna is principally the support town for the large grain receival bins used to store massive stockpiles of wheat.

Heading south-east from Yuna the route works its way through broadacre farming country toward Mullewa via the Noondamurra Pool, a pleasant place to stop for a picnic. If you decide to travel further you will be rewarded by the ancient Glacier Beds. This area is renowned for its many wildflowers from July to October.

Additional Points of interest More Places to stop
Naraling Hall Yuna Tavern
Whelarra Dam Noondamarra Pool
  Glacier Beds

                 Coronation Beach                                         Naraling Church Hall


Day trip 3 (71) Blue

Some of Chapman Valley's icon touist destinations are located in this day trip. About half a day is needed in taking this route as you travel from Geraldton on the Chapman Valley Road, turn off onto the Nanson-Howatharra Road and join onto the Northwest Coastal Hwy which will take you back to Geraldton. Stop for lunch, morning or afternoon tea at the Lavender Valley Farm (open Friday - Sunday) or the Chapman Valley Winery (Open Friday to Sunday) where you can relax in a beautiful location with excellent service. As you travel down the Nanson-Howatharra Road, why not stop at the Chapman Valley Fishing Park located on Hickety Road. Once on the Northwest Coastal Hwy, Coronation Beach is located on Coronation Beach Road where you can enjoy a range of recreational activities including caravanning, fishing, snorkelling and swimming. Coronation Beach is also internationally renowned for windsurfing and kitesurfing all year round.

Points of Interest Places to Stop
Moresby Range Mills Lookout
Fig Tree Crossing Picnic Area Yetna Tree Farm
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church and Convent Lavender Farm
Blackman's Rock Chapman Valley Winery
  Chapman Valley Fishing Park
  Coronation Beach
  Drummond Cove Holiday Park


Planning on visiting the Valley? Pack a garbage free lunch with reusable plastic containers and water bottles rather than bags and drink boxes. Protect our natural environment. Think before you litter.

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