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The Council is responsible for ensuring all buildings erected within the Shire of Chapman Valley are built in accordance with the Building Regulations and the Building Code of Australia. In this regard a building licence is required to be obtained from the Shire prior to the commencement of any building work. This includes constructing of house or farm building or even small scale development such as a garden shed, patio, pergola gazebo, retaining wall, or swimming pool (refer to section below).

In lodging an application for a building licence the following is required to be submitted to the Shire:

  •     Completion of a Building Application Form signed by the builder and landowner;
  •     A copy of the Certificate of Title to verify ownership of the property;
  •     Three (3) complete sets of the building plans drawn to scale consisting of:

            o A site plan;
            o A floor plan;
            o Elevations;
            o A cross-section;
            o Structural details/information;
            o Engineering certification (if applicable).

  •     Two (2) complete sets of standard specifications (if applicable);
  •     Payment of the respective building fees and levies.

A building application form and building licence checklist can be downloaded by clicking on the links below, however should you seek further information please contact the Shire's Building Surveyor by phoning (08) 9920 5011 or emailing building@chapmanvalley.wa.gov.au.

The Shire of Chapman Valley is located within an area under the jurisdiction of the Builders' Registration Board. In accordance with the Builders' Registration Act 1989 (as amended) a person may register with this Shire as an "Owner Builder" for the purpose of constructing their own house, addition or outbuilding (excluding sheds over $20,000 in value) subject to certain conditions being met including the lodgment of an "Owner Builder" statutory declaration form and restrictions on the resale of the property.

Further information on being an "Owner Builder" may be down loaded from the Builders' Registration Board website www.builders.wa.gov.au or by contacting the Shire's Administration on 9920 5011 or emailing cso@chapmanvalley.wa.gov.au 


The Council's Building Section is also responsible for the regulation of swimming pools and ensuring the minimum safety requirements and methods of achieving compliance pursuant to the Building Regulations 1989, Local Government Act 1995 and the Australian Standards are met.

A building licence is required for a swimming pool.

In installing a swimming pool or an outdoor spa the regulations require that a security enclosure be provided in the interest of safety for young children. The following is a summary of the minimum requirements for a security enclosure:

  • Fences and gates are to be free of any hand or foot holds and have a clear height of at least 1200 mm;
  • Pool gates are not permitted to swing toward the pool or spa;
  • Pool gates must self close and self latch in all circumstances;
  • All new pools must have complete isolation fencing between dwelling and pool.

For further information on swimming pools please contact the Shire's Administration on 9920 5011 or via email admin@chapmanvalley.wa.gov.au.



A dividing fence is essentially a fence that separates two land holdings owned by different parties which is usually aligned along a common property boundary, but does not include a retaining wall.

The Shire is not responsible for the approval of a dividing fence or any issues raised between adjoining landowners regarding the type or cost involved in erecting a fence as matters relating to dividing fences are covered by the Dividing Fences Act 1961, administered by the Department of Local Government and Regional Development.

An information booklet on dividing fences can be obtained from the Shire Offices or by contacting the Department of Local Government and Regional Development on free call 1800 620 511 or email info@dlg.gov.au 

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